a Proposal for PRAD 595: Data Analytics and Data-Driven Decisions

Goal: based on availabile market data, determine a course of further research action for Pela, an eco-conscious company and makers of the first compostable cell phone case

Proposal: complete research across digital channels to support the condoslidation of all Pela products under one name to increase market awareness

Read the full paper linked here.

Sun Basket

A market research project and creative digital advertising campaign for Sun Basket, a meal kit delivery service

Created for PRAD 595: Digital Advertising

Goal: based on available market research, create an integrated digital advertising campagin across multiple channels

Result: gamify engagement with a social media filter/interactive game

Read the full paper linked here. 

Archdiocese of Chicago

Focus groups conducted for the Youth Adult Engagement Team at the Archdiocese of Chicago 

Conducted by Anna Culp, Fredericka Davis, Nick Davis, Micaela Sanders, Monica Thomas & Antonia Toromanovic for PRAD 585: Research, Data & Insights with Dr. Tao Deng

Goal: to discover insights into young people’s decline in engagement with the Catholic Church in order to inform future communication and engagement strategies

Discovery: One suprising insight we discovered was that the most devoutly religious participants did not want community engagement from the Church; they attended purely for their personal relationship to their religion. 

Read the full paper linked here. 

Monica Thomas