The Ripple Effect

Creative Director:
Michelle Underwood
Wes Jones
ACD Copy: 
Byran Miguel
Senior Copywriter:
Jackson Ozark
Monica Thomas

Raise awareness and educate the public about the root causes and secondary effects of gun violence and the City of Chicago’s resources and efforts to combat the problem.

Creative Concept:
The Ripple Effect

Concept Statement: 
When a bullet is fired it can travel up to 1.5 miles. But the impact across communitie can stretch for years, decades, even lifetimes. Gun violence isn’t just a people issue or a neighborhood issue. It takes all of Chicago to change the trajectory of the effects of gun violence.

The Trails & Audio Experience


On June 1st, we unveiled 1.5-mile walkway installations in three high-foot-traffic areas across South, West and North sides of the city.

To accompany the trail, we published an audio companion that examines the trauma in the wake of gun violence in our communities. Comprised of interviews with survivors, community leaders and experts from the City of Chicago, the audio is 30-minutes long, approximately the amount time it takes to walk 1.5 miles.

Along the full stretch of trail, 747 sets of footprints were painted on the ground so that Chicagoans could walk with the 747 who took their last steps in 2021 and learn the effect gun violence leaves on our communities and our city.

Listen to the full audio experience
and read about the trail here.


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